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Deploying attractive designs and considerate solutions.

Melbourne-based Developer & UI specialist focused on Front-end Web design and Visual Branding.



About Me

I am an experienced digital media creative with a finger in many fields, an eye for effective design an and a heart that belongs to accessible, user-centered web designs.

My love for web styling began over 10 years ago, with a constant tinkering away at the HTML and CSS of my Tumblr blog's custom theme. As I tried, and failed, and failed again, it made the small succeeses feel all the more vindicating.

I think good design can be healing in more ways than one, and centralise my project work around services that offer rehabilitation, care, support or other benefits. I want to help bring your brand to the forefront of mindful thinking, and enhance the experience of your userbase.

I currently produce digital content for the Mental Health Foundation Australia.

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Key Projects

View ExerciseRight Project


Exercise right is a health-focused app centred around mindful physiotherapy and injury rehabilitation.

This project formed as a response to a brief targeting the niche market of individuals who wish to build and maintain an exercise / wellness routine while living with chronic illness, injury or specific conditions. Users can specify specific areas of concern, track activity and progress, and share with relevant health professionals through a messaging system.

Designed and prototyped in Adobe XD, the project runs through a typical sign-up process and main feature functionality.

Wildlife Rescue Victoria

Wildlife Emergency Victoria is a web-design project offering information, tips and services for tending to injured or sick Australian wildlife.

Built against a brief by Wildlife Emergency Victoria, the website stylistically represents the company’s branding while also maintaining a goal of responsive web-design that is accessible on a variety of devices and bandwidths.

View ExerciseRight Project
View ExerciseRight Project


PetSwap is a web-design project spoofing websites that advertise alternative cosmetic or clinical services.

While the site itself follows a typical sleek and functional design, the fictional content offers an exploration into the rational and moralistic limits of escapism in a technologically-advanced reality. Through dynamic interfaces and appealing imagery, users are enticed to ‘free themselves’ from their humanity and swap bodies with a domestic pet.

A number of promotional images were also prototyped to complemnent this personal project and market the fictional service.

Bone Bust

Bone Bust is an arcade-style game that follows a dinosaur-bone’s perilous escape out of a history museum while avoiding various archaeological displays.

The Unity-developed project features a charming pixel art-style, mobile-centric UI and an original score created in GarageBand.

View BoneBust
View ExerciseRight Project

A Blooming Connection

A Blooming Connection is a short-form Net Art project that aims to examine the immaterial qualities of the ‘digital rose’ iconography and how they perform into larger processes of anonymity, exchange, consent, performance and digital romance norms.

The web page, formulated as a study into minimal computing and computational poetics, features a stripped back design and makes use of default texts, buttons and multimedia art to tell a cautionary tale between user and their anonymous e-lover.


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